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John Sedgwick of Lancashire (1843 - 1909)

John Sedgwick [John Sedgwick / Margaret Hudson]
b circa 1843 West Witton, Yorkshire (BMD)
m1 Martha Holgate 1865 (BMD)
m2 Sarah Ann Tillotson 1883 (BMD)
m3 Hannah Maria Lord 1885 (BMD)
d 1909 Morecambe, Lancashire

John was a mechanic and is variously described in census returns. In the 1871 and 1901 census he is described as mechanic (iron) turner, in 1881 mechanic loom foundry and in 1891 mill mechanic. His first wife Martha died of typhoid and his second, Sarah Ann, in childbirth.

A mystery solved concerning his youngest daughter Ida. She was born in 1886 and recently her death has been found later in 1886.


Herbert Sedgwick

b 1866 Habergham Eaves, Lancashire
d 1883

Anne Sedgwick

b 1868 Habergham Eaves, Lancashire
m John Sedgwick 1891 (BMD)
d after 1901

Gertrude Sedgwick

b 1887 Burnley, Lancashire (BMD)

Ruth Sedgwick

b 1871 Habergham Eaves, Lancashire
m William Weller Line 1898 (BMD)
d after 1901

Margaret Jane Sedgwick

b 1873 Habergham Eaves, Lancashire
m Frederick Stott 1895 (BMD)
d after 1901

William Arthur Sedgwick

b 1875 Habergham Eaves, Lancashire
d after 1881

Florence Sedgwick

b 1877 Habergham Eaves, Lancashire
d after 1891

Eliza Sedgwick

b 1880 Habergham Eaves, Lancashire
d 1884

Sarah Ann Sedgwick

b 30 October 1884 Habergham Eaves, Lancashire

Ida Sedgwick

b 18 February 1886 Habergham Eaves, Lancashire (BMD)
d 1886

Source Notes:

1881 census - John Sedgwick 38 Mechanic Loom Foundry (C&W), Martha Sedgwick 34, Herbert Sedgwick 14 Cotton Weaver, Annie Sedgwick 12 Half Time Cotton Weaver, Ruth Sedgwick 10 Scholar, Margaret J Sedgwick 8 Scholar, William A Sedgwick 5 Scholar, Florence Sedgwick 3, Eliza Sedgwick 1 (48 Lord St, Habergham Eaves - RG11 4151 124 22)

Descendants / Researchers:

Pat Harrison <historyhouse.pat @googlemail.com>

Pat is descended from Sarah Ann Sedgwick

Some of the details of this family were sent to me in 1986 by a researcher. Is anyone else connected to this family?




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