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UK Sedgwicks - Places - Yorkshire
James Sedgwick of Yorkshire (1815-1884)

James Sedgwick [William Sedgwick / Betty Wilson]
bpt 19 November 1815 West Witton, Yorkshire
m Mary Ann Buckton 1842 (BMD)
d 1884 Melsonby, Yorkshire

In 1861 James and his son William are both working as carpenters and Thomas is boarding in Darlington described as a grocer. By 1871 only Edward and Mary Jane remained with James and Mary Ann in Melsonby. William was living with his brother Thomas in Durham both described as grocers and wine merchants, James was lodging in Durham as a drapers apprentice and George was living in Gate Fulford described as a schoolmaster and undergraduate.

In 1881 James is back with his parents, Edward has died and Mary has married. James senior died in 1884 and in 1891 his widow is living in Melsonby with three of her grandchildren. Mary Ann died in 1894.


Thomas Taylor Sedgwick

b 1843 Stapleton, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Hannah Graham 1869 (BMD)
d 1904

William Sedgwick

b 1845 Melsonby, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Mary Bentley Fearnley 1873 (BMD)
d 1911

George Sedgwick

b 1847 Melsonby, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Annie Robinson 1873 (BMD)
d after 1911

Edward Sedgwick

b 1850 Melsonby, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Christiana Robinson 1872 (BMD)
d 1879

Mary Jane Sedgwick

b 1852 Melsonby, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Bartholomew Kent 1877 (BMD)
d after 1881

James Sedgwick

b 1855 Melsonby, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Sarah Frances Chapman 1886 (BMD)
d 1895

Source Notes:

1881 census - James Sedgwick 65 Joiner Employg 1 Man & 1 Boy, Mary Ann Sedgwick 58 Joiners wife, James Sedgwick 25 Joiners son (Melsonby - RG11 4883 45 12)

1881 census - Thomas Taylor Sedgwick 37 Grocer (Town Councillor), Hannah Sedgwick 38 Grocer wife (Blackwellgate, Darlington - RG11 4887 41 1)




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