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James Sedgwick of West Witton (born circa 1766)

James Sedgwick [James Sedgwick]
b. circa 1766 Yorkshire
m Sarah Unknown
d. 9 April 1828 West Witton, Yorkshire

One report has James as hailing from Colburn, Yorkshire potentially with Quaker connections. A lot of this pedigree has been compiled by me solely from the IGI / parish records - please let me know if you can add or correct anything.


James Sedgwick

bpt 25 December 1787 West Witton, Yorkshire
m1 Mary Unknown
m2 Dorothy Bradberry
d 1866 Wensley, Yorkshire (BMD)

Thomas Sedgwick

bpt 4 April 1790 West Witton, Yorkshire
m Ann Simpson 1811 (IGI)
d 26 August 1849 (BMD)

William Sedgwick

bpt 26 August 1792 West Witton, Yorkshire
m Betty Wilson 1812 (IGI)
d 29 December 1821 (NBI)

Sarah Sedgwick

bpt 22 March 1795 West Witton, Yorkshire

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt 12 March 1797 West Witton, Yorkshire

Samuel Sedgwick

bpt 17 March 1799 West Witton, Yorkshire
m Elizabeth Warrener 1819
d 27 September 1860 (BMD)

Anne Sedgwick

bpt 18 October 1801 West Witton, Yorkshire
m John Lumley 1820

Joseph Sedgwick

bpt 23 October 1803 West Witton, Yorkshire
m Margaret Frankland 1824
d 13 September 1858 (BMD)

John Sedgwick

bpt 12 May 1805 West Witton, Yorkshire
m1 Charlotte Johnson 1825
m2 Margaret Hudson circa 1830
d. 1875 Burnley, Lancashire (BMD)

Isaac Sedgwick

bpt 12 January 1812 West Witton, Yorkshire
d 1873 (BMD)

Source Notes:

1841 census - Sarah Sedgwick 75 Ind, Isaac Sedgwick 25 Ag Lab (West Witton - HO107 1254 14 3 1)

Descendants / Researchers:

Pat Harrison <historyhouse.pat @googlemail.com>

Pat is descended from John Sedgwick and his second wife Margaret Hudson

Some of the details of this family were sent to me in 1986 by a researcher. Is anyone else connected to this family?




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