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Edward Siswick (born circa 1785)

Edward Siswick [Unknown Siswick]
b circa 1785
m. Ann Sykes 1804
d. probably 4 March 1838

In the 1841 census Joe and Ann are looking after an Alfred Siswick aged 2. It seems likely therefore that Edward Siswick died in 1838. This Edward was buried at Huddersfield, St Peter aged 55. There are several Ann's dying in 1840, 1848 and 1852. Alfred is shown here as a son of Edward although he is most likely the son of Ann.

On son Joe's marriage certificate, Edward is described as a clothier. Based on this I have combined two groups of children - the earlier baptisms at Horbury were the children of an Edward who was a labourer in 1805 and a cloth miller afterwards. There were no additional children in Horbury after 1812 - did the couple move to another parish before Kirkburton?


John Siswick

bpt 14 September 1805 Horbury, Yorkshire
m Mary Webster 1830
m2 Margaret Guest 1838 (BMD)
d after 1861

Benjamin Siswick

bpt 10 January 1808 Horbury, Yorkshire
d 7 August 1808

Elizabeth Siswick

bpt 17 December 1810 Horbury, Yorkshire

Sarah Siswick

bpt 27 March 1812 Horbury, Yorkshire

Edward Siswick

bpt 9 July 1815 Horbury, Yorkshire
m Grace Lupton 1838 (BMD)
d 1892

Charles Siswick

bpt 8 February 1818 Kirkburton, Yorkshire
m Mary Axellson 1843 (BMD)
d after 1871

Ann Siswick

bpt 30 June 1822 Kirkburton, Yorkshire
m Francis Town 1842 (BMD)
d after 1861

Joe Siswick

bpt 25 December 1825 Kirkburton, Yorkshire
m Sophia Tottie 1851 (BMD)
d. 1884

Alfred Siswick

b circa 1839 Yorkshire
d probably 1842

Source Notes:

1841 census - Ann Siswick 15 Dress maker, Joe Siswick 15, Alfred Siswick 2 (Clerks Place, Stanningley - HO107 1298 3 31 11)




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