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William Sedgwick (born circa 1815)

William Sedgwick [Samuel Sedgwick / Rosamund Unknown]
b. circa 1815 Scruton, Yorkshire
m Hannah Flower 1843 (BMD)
d after 1881

Has anyone access to the Scruton records? William was an agricultural labourer in 1861 and 1871 and in 1881 a land drainer. He hasn't been found in the 1891 census.

In 1861 a William Robinson, aged 12, was living in the household. William became a quite well-known gardener/orchidist in Massachusetts and apparently became exposed to this trade while living at the Sedgwick's.


Ann Sedgwick

b circa 1839 Scruton, Yorkshire
d after 1851

Sarah Sedgwick

b 1843 Scruton, Yorkshire (BMD)
d after 1851

Jane Sedgwick

b circa 1845 Scruton, Yorkshire
d after 1861

Mary Sedgwick

b 1845 Scruton, Yorkshire (BMD)
d after 1851

Margaret Sedgwick

b 1849 Scruton, Yorkshire (BMD)
d 1856

William Sedgwick

b 1851 Scruton, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Jane Unknown
d after 1901

Hannah Sedgwick

b 1853 Scruton, Yorkshire (BMD)
m William Bailey 1872
d after 1881

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b circa 1856 Scruton, Yorkshire
m Matthew Key Bland 1873
d after 1881

Source Notes:

1881 census - William Sedgwick 66 Land Drainer (Village St, Scruton - RG11 4871 27 6)




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