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Sedgwicks of Croft

Thomas Sedgwick [John Sedgwick / Mary Bewley]
b. circa 1790
m Rachel Johnson 1816
d before 1840

One peice of new information suggests that Thomas is the head of this family, another gives the name Robert - this has yet to be double checked. Has anyone any extra information?

After 'Thomas' death, Rachel married Thomas Press (Prest) in 1840. In 1841 she is living with Hannah, James and Robert Sigsworth in Aycliffe, Durham. Daughter Jane is working as a servant in Darlington. Son William is probably the individual working in Merrington. In 1851, now a widow, she is with Jane, James and Robert Sedgwick in Darlington. Rachel died in 1859.

Other as yet unrelated Croft Sedgwicks are shown here.


Jane Sedgwick

b circa 1821 Croft, Yorkshire
m. Ralph Haverlock (Havelock?)
d 1910

William Sedgwick

b circa 1827 New Croft, Yorkshire
m. Elizabeth Unknown
d after 1871

Hannah Sedgwick

b circa 1829 Croft, Yorkshire
d after 1851

James Sedgwick

b circa 1833 Croft, Yorkshire
m Mary Ann Ward 1854 (BMD)
d. after 1901

Robert Sedgwick

b circa 1839 Croft, Yorkshire
d after 1851




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