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William Sidgwick of Giggleswick (born circa 1789)

William Sidgwick [John Sidgwick / Jane Heaps]
bpt. 26 July 1789 Clapham, Yorkshire
m Isabella Stockdale 1816
d. between 1851 and 1861

In 1851 William and his wife 'Elizabeth' are living in Giggleswick - in 1841 he is with Isabella who appears as a widow in the 1861 census. The IGI also shows several baptisms in Giggleswick to a William Sedgwick and either Elizabeth or Isabella but only one marriage for a William Sedgwick. The burial records need to be checked to be sure but it would seem that Elizabeth and Isabella are the same person.

In 1851 William is a pauper formerly factory (worker?).


Jane Sidgwick (mother Isabella)

bpt 16 March 1817 Giggleswick, Yorkshire

Ellen Sidgwick (mother Isabella)

bpt. 30 September 1819 Giggleswick, Yorkshire

John Sidgwick (mother Isabella)

bpt. 6 April 1822 Giggleswick, Yorkshire
m Isabella Bell 1844 (BMD)
d after 1881

Christopher Sidgwick

bpt. 19 September 1824 Giggleswick, Yorkshire
m Alice Parsons 1846 (BMD)
d. 1897

William Sidgwick

bpt. 21 January 1827 Giggleswick, Yorkshire
m Violate Robinson 1858 (BMD)
d after 1881

Betty Sidgwick

bpt. 3 May 1829 Giggleswick, Yorkshire

Leonard Sidgwick (mother Isabella)

bpt. 25 March 1833 Giggleswick, Yorkshire

George Sidgwick (mother Isabella)

bpt. 2 April 1834 Giggleswick, Yorkshire
d after 1851

Sarah Sidgwick (mother Isabella)

bpt. 9 October 1836 Giggleswick, Yorkshire
d after 1851

Source Notes:

1841 census - Wm Sedgwick 50 Labourer, Isabella Sedgwick 45, John Sedgwick 15 Cotton ......, Christopher Sedgwick 15, George Sedgwick 6, William Sedgwick 13 (Giggleswick - HO107 1320 1 10 13)




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