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Edward Sedgwick of Barnsley (born circa 1835)

Edward Sedgwick [Leonard Sedgwick / Sarah Varley]
bpt 8 October 1835 Hunslet, Yorkshire
m Sarah Cherryholme 1857
d between 1871 and 1881

In 1861 Edward is described as a tobacco pipe maker and in 1871 as a pipe maker / journeyman. In 1871 Leonard is with his grandparents John and Ann Cherryholme in Barugh.

In 1881 Sarah is a widow and two of her children are described as pipe makers. Granddaughter Annie E Sedgwick aged one is also in the household.

In 1901 Sarah is living with another granddaughter Alice Stanstall.


Leonard Sedgwick

b. circa 1858 Barnsley, Yorkshire
m Annie Wordsworth 1882
d after 1891

Annie Sedgwick

b.circa 1860 Barnsley, Yorkshire
m James Colgan 1882
d after 1891

Annie E Sedgwick

b.circa 1880 Barnsley, Yorkshire
d after 1891

Emily Sedgwick

b.circa 1861 Barnsley, Yorkshire
m Alfred Allen Stansall 1880
d after 1891

Sarah Sedgwick

b.circa 1863 Barnsley, Yorkshire
d after 1881

Willie Sedgwick

b.circa 1865 Sheffield, Yorkshire
d after 1891

Alice Sedgwick

b.circa 1868 Barnsley, Yorkshire
m Charles William Richardson 1890
d after 1881

Eliza A Sedgwick

b.circa 1873 Barnsley, Yorkshire
m Ben Lockwood 1891
d after 1901

Source Notes:

1881 census - Sarah Sedgwick 46, Leonard Sedgwick 23 Solicitors Clerk (General), Annie Sedgwick 21 Tobacco Pipe Maker, Sarah Sedgwick 18 General Domestic Servant, Willie Sedgwick 16 Tobacco Pipe Maker, Alice Sedgwick 13 Scholar, Eliza A Sedgwick 8 Scholar, Annie E Sedgwick 1 (Foundry St 5 Rockingham Square, Barnsley - RG11 4603 81 37)




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