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Edward Sedgwick (born circa 1762)

Edward Sedgwick (Sigsworth) [Leonard Sedgwick / Elizabeth Gregg]
bpt 6 March 1762 St Peters, Leeds
m Elizabeth Marshall 1785
d after1802

Two baptisms have been found in the Leeds records which could be this Edward. I favour the one shown because of the use of christian names in the family.

However if Edward was the son of John Sedgwick, this line could be connected with the Sidgwicks of Bingley and Dent. Edward wasn't mentioned in the will of John Sidgwick so either he was out of favour with his father or had already received his inheritance. It is unlikely that this is the case though given that he was a potter.

Only the baptism of Edward junior is now missing so my earlier supposition has mainly been proved. Elizabeth's 1850 death certificate indicates that her husband had been a potter.

A Robert of the right age is living in Hunslet Ward in 1841 together with a Jane Sedgwick aged 15 - is this man a member of this family?


Ann Sedgwick

bpt 30 April 1787 Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire

Robert Sedgwick

bpt 13 April 1789 Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire

Mary Ann Sedgwick

bpt 4 September 1791 Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt 1 January 1794 Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire

Maria Sedgwick

bpt 10 July 1796 Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
m William Varley
d 1854

Edward Sedgwick (Othick)

bpt 5 September 1799 St Peter, Yorkshire
m probably Maria Harrison 1821
d 1834

Leonard Sedgwick (Sigsworth)

bpt. 6 June 1802 Saint Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire
m Sarah Varley 1827
m2 Martha Unknown
d after 1861




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