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Sedgwick Families

There are a number of groups of Sedgwicks in Leeds, many of which have been tentatively linked here.

The earliest known individual is John who had children from about 1608 to 1618. Both he and George, who had one child in 1670, remain unlinked to any other family group.

It is likely that the later Sedgwicks are all related to each other in some way. Are there any Leeds wills out there?


John Sedgwick

b circa 1585
d after 1618

George Sedgwick

b circa 1650
d after 1670

Luke Sedgwick

b circa 1700
m Unknown
m2 Sarah Speight 1742
d after1742

Edward Sedgwick

b circa 1700
d after 1735

John Sedgwick

b circa 1705
m Katherine Pierce 1729
d after 1732

William Sedgwick

b circa 1710
d after 1733

Leonard Sedgwick

b. circa 1722
m Elizabeth Gregg 1747
d after 1771

Thomas Sedgwick

b. circa 1723
d after 1774

Henry Sedgwick

b circa 1745
d after 1767

John Sedgwick

b circa 1785
m Hannah Unknown
d before 1841

George Sedgwick

b circa 1806
m Sarah Heward 1827
d after 1841

Henry Sedgwick

bpt 6 May 1810
m Amy Unknown
d after 1851

Thomas Sedgwick

b 28 February 1812
m Sarah Goldsborough 1832
d after 1851

Thomas Sedgwick

b circa 1817
m Catherine Briggs 1837
d after 1841




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