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John Sedgwick of Leeds (born circa 1767)

John Sedgwick [John Sedgwick / Ann Denison]
bpt. 4 April 1767 St Peters, Leeds
m. Elizabeth Lucas 1790
d. after 1804

According to Elizabeth's 1851 death certificate, John was a cloth dresser. In the census earlier that year Elizabeth is living with her son and daughter in law Heseltine.

In 1841 Elizabeth was living with her son Mark and his family. Also in the household is 15 year old wood turner John Sedgwick probably the son of John Sedgwick.

There are another 3 children of a John Sedgwick, some of whom might belong to this family group. William (b 1803) is described as being the son of John and Elizabeth when he was buried.


William Sedgwick

bpt. 17 October 1791 Leeds, Yorkshire
d before 1803

Francis Sedgwick

bpt. 24 November 1793 Leeds, Yorkshire
m. Sarah Akeroyd 27 March 1813
d. 13 November 1873

John Sedgwick

bpt. 16 May 1796 Leeds, Yorkshire
m Dorothy Spencer 1818
d after 1861

Mary Ann Sedgwick

bpt. 20 January 1799 Leeds, Yorkshire

Elisabeth Sedgwick

bpt. 24 May 1801 Leeds, Yorkshire
m William Heseltine 1820
d after 1851

William Sedgwick

bpt. 28 August 1803 Leeds, Yorkshire
bd 15 November 1835

Ann Sedgwick

bpt. 23 December 1804 Leeds, Yorkshire
perhaps m William Lambert 1827

Mark Sedgwick

bpt. 8 June 1806 Leeds, Yorshire
m Elizabeth Gumbys 1832
d between 1861 and 1871

Mary Sedgwick

bpt. 8 January 1809 Leeds, Yorkshire

Henry Sedgwick

bpt 6 May 1810
m Ann (Harris ?)
d probably 1870

Source Notes:

1841 census - Mark Sedgwick 35 Wood turner, Elizabeth Sedgwick 30, William Sedgwick 8, Henry Sedgwick 6, Elizabeth Sedgwick 75, John Sedgwick 15 Wood turner (High Street, Leeds - HO107 1347 5 26 3)




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