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Jack Sedgwick (born circa 1896)

Jack Sedgwick [John Lindley Sedgwick/ Rebecca Gottherd]
b. circa 1896 perhaps Leeds
m. Jane Ann Cooney 3 August 1916 Newcastle
d. 28 August 1939

At the time of his marriage, Jack gives his age as 20 and his fathers name as John Sedgwick, general carrier, deceased. Jack was in the Royal Artillery based at Newcastle barracks in 1916 and his medal record card has survived. The indexes show his number and rank as Driver / 127798.

After the war it is believed that Jack worked as a chimney sweep in the Leeds area and possibly had some connection with the Manchester Railways. In about 1928/1930 Jack took two of his sons and went to look for work. The family lost touch with the 3 men from that point.

Thanks to Ancestry, the deaths of the two missing sons were located in Bury and recently their descendants have been located and the family in contact for the first time in 70 or so years.

Kenneth Sedgwick aka Hastwell was a 'bit part' actor and was in a number of television series as well as being in the classic film The Railway Children'.


Elizabeth Sedgwick

b. 1917 Newcastle

Annie Sedgwick

b. 1919 Newcastle

John Ernest Sedgwick

b. 24 November 1920 Leeds
m1 Edna Ives 1945
m2 Margaret Noone 1959
d. May 1993 Bury, Lancashire

Harry Sedgwick

b. 1922 Leeds

Jenny Sedgwick

b. 1923 Leeds
d 1923

George Sedgwick

b. 21 January 1924 Rothwell, Leeds
d. December 1984 Bury, Lancashire

Kenneth Sedgwick

b. 10 August 1926 Pudsey
m Amy Rodley 1947
d 15 March 2012

Mary Sedgwick

b. 1928 Newcastle
probably m Alfred Hall 1946
d 26 October 2011

Descendants / Researchers:

TBA <>




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