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John Siggesworth of Hutton Rudby (1703 - 1783)

John Siggesworth [William Siggesworth]
bpt. 11 January 1702 Osmotherley, Yorkshire (per IGI)
m Mary Unknown
d. 18 September 1783

The IGI only contains records post 1736 so no details for John yet. There are no burials for other John's so all the early Sigwick and Siggesworth children have been attributed to the same person - for now. John is described as a weaver at the baptisms of John, Rachel and Thomas and a householder for the baptisms of Ruth onwards.

John is apparently described as the wife of Mary, yeoman, when he was buried.


John Siggesworth

bpt. 21 April 1735 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m1 Mary Starford 1781
m2 Elizabeth Unknown
d 16 December 1815

Thomas Siggesworth

bpt. 2 June 1737 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire

Ann Sigesworth

bpt. 17 March 1738 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire

Unknown Sigesworth

bpt. 21 December 1738 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire

Rachel Siggesworth

bpt. 4 March 1740 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire

Simon Siggesworth

bpt. 30 September 1741 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m1. Mary Hunter 1781
m2. Sarah Lincoln 1791
d. 23 May 1822

Mary Siggesworth

bpt. 7 May 1743 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire

Ruth Sidgwick

bpt. 1 July 1745 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m Thomas Arnold 1793

Rebeckah Siggesworth

bpt. 11 October 1747 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
perhpas m James Stainthorp 1771

Thamar Siggesworth

bpt. 27 October 1749 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d. 25 October 1749

Hanah Sidgwick

bpt. 24 February 1750/1 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m Joseph Vay 1778

David Sidgwick

bpt. 20 July 1753 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d 11 August 1772




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