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James Sidgwick of Hutton (born circa 1821)

James Sidgwick [James Sidgwick / Sarah Milbourn]
bpt. 16 September 1821 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m1 Charlotte Drydale 1841 (BMD)
m2 Mary A Balland 1855 (BMD)
d 1 August 1899

In 1841 James gives his age as 15 despite living with his wife and her son George Drydale.

In 1851 James is living with his sister Mary Ann Burdon in Carlton, Durham whilst his wife and children were in Hutton. His profession of licensed hawker obviously took him across the country. By 1861 James has remarried and is working as a carrier. Son George is with his grandfather Drydale.

In 1871 Sarah is with her aunt Mary Ann Burdon in Carlton, Durham. James is still working as a carrier. In 1881 James is described as a grocer and in 1891 as a butter merchant.


John Sidgwick

b. circa 1842 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m Catherine Booth 1862 (BMD)
m Frances Jane Parker
d. after 1901

Jane Drydale Sidgwick

b. 1844 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d after 1861

Sarah Sidgwick

b. circa 1846 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d after 1871

George Sidgwick

b. circa 1848 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d after 1861

James Sidgwick

b. circa 1850 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m Susan Bainbridge 1868 (BMD)
d between 1891 and 1901

Charlotte Sidgwick

b. circa 1857 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d after 1901

William Sidgwick

b. circa 1859 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m Mary Unknown
d after 1901

Elizabeth Sidgwick

b. circa 1861 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d after 1871

Source Notes:

1881 census - James Sidgwick 59 Grocer, Mary A Sidgwick 48, Charlotte Sidgwick 24 (High St, Hutton Rudby - RG11 4867 23 21)




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