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George Sidgwick of Hutton Rudby (1793 - 1870)

George Sidgwick [Thomas Siggesworth / Sarah Taylor]
bpt. 20 January 1793 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m Mary Jowsey 1825
d 7 May 1872

In 1851 George is described as a widowed hand loom weaver and is living with his housekeeper Margaret Davison (nee Leonard) and 5 children with the surname Davison but described as son / daughter. The children up to and including Robert Davison were all baptised as the illegitimate children of Margaret Davison.

By 1861 Thomas is described as Thomas D Sedgwick - son. In 1871 Robert uses the surname Sedgwick and is called son.


Richard Sedgwick

bpt. 1 July 1826 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d 30 September 1840

Sarah Sedgwick

bpt. 28 March 1828 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d 3 July 1828

Sarah Sedgwick

bpt. 29 April 1830 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d October 1840

William Davison

bpt. 12 June 1831 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d after 1841

Jane Davison

bpt. 8 May 1834 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d 27 May 1859

Elizabeth Davison

bpt. 10 July 1836 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d 9th October 1840

Robert Davison (Sedgwick)

bpt. 26 April 1840 Hutton Rudby, Yorskshire
m Sarah Annie Birtwhistle 1871
d 5 February 1924

Elizabeth Davison (Sedgwick)

b. circa 1844 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m Robert Johnson 1871
d after 1881

Thomas Davison (Sedgwick)

b. circa 1846 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
m Frances Maria Allison 1868
d after 1901

Sarah Davison

b. circa 1847 Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire
d 16 August 1853




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