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Thomas Sidgwick of Dent (1605 - 1663)

Thomas Sidgwick [Leonard Sidgwick / Alice Sidgwick]
b. circa 1605 Dent, Yorkshire
m1. Alice Burton 1626
m2 Isabel Peacoke 1630
d 19 April 1663 Dent, Yorkshire

Thomas lived in Banklands, Dent. According to the IGI, Thomas junior (bpt 1639) was the son of Leonard Sedgwick but I assume that someone has checked the film as he is linked with this group by at least 3 researchers.

Alice Sedgwick, Thomas's mother, mentions the three sons and three daughters of Thomas in her 1651 will. The sons must be Leonard, James and Joseph but which daughter died before 1651? Elizabeth and Jane are both alive in 1646 as they are mentioned in the will of James Burton father of Alice. Alternatively could Margaret and the four youngest children be attributable to another family?


Elizabeth Sidgwick

bpt. 19 December 1628 Dent, Yorkshire
d after 1646

Jane Sidgwick

bpt. 1630 Dent, Yorkshire
d after 1646

Agnes Sidgwick

bpt. 30 September 1632 Dent, Yorkshire

Daughter Sidgwick

bpt. 28 September 1634 Dent, Yorkshire

Leonard Sidgwick

bpt. 6 April 1635 Dent, Yorkshire
m. Alice Jackson 1664
d 30 September 1687 Dent, Yorkshire

Margaret Sidgwick

bpt. 21 March 1638 Dent, Yorkshire

James Sidgwick

bpt. 13 April 1638 Dent, Yorkshire
d after 1663

Thomas Sidgwick

bpt. 23 November 1639 Dent, Yorkshire

George Sidgwick

bpt. November 1640 Dent, Yorkshire

Alice Sidgwick

bpt. 27 November 1641 Dent, Yorkshire

John Sidgwick

bpt. 10 May 1644 Dent, Yorkshire

Joseph Sidgwick

bpt. 12 December 1647 Dent, Yorkshire
m Isabella Sidgwick

Descendants / Researchers:

Carol Herbert <carol@herb4.freeserve.co.uk>
website: http://www.sleepyfrog.com/me/herbertfa/index.html
Margie Peters-Fawcett <faw2005@gmail.com>
John C Ward <wardjc@ozemail.com.au>
website: http://www.wardjc.com




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