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John Sedgwick of Dent (1672-1752)

John Sedgwick [Leonard Sedgwick / Alice Jackson]
bpt. 1 December 1672 Dent, Yorkshire
m. Ann Willan 1700
d 30 April 1752 Dent, Yorkshire

John was described as being a tanner of Gibbs Hall as was his son Thomas. His son James was apparently a clerk in holy orders of Horton in Ribblesdale.

Alice's marriage is suggested based on the names of her children and that she was mentioned in the will of her brother James Sedgwick..


Alice Sedgwick

bpt. 28 June 1701 Dent, Yorkshire
m probably Ralph Sedgwick 1700

Leonard Sedgwick

bpt. 21 February 1702/3 Dent, Yorkshire
d 7 March 1702/3 Dent, Yorkshire

Thomas Sedgwick

bpt. 27 August 1705 Dent, Yorkshire
m. Margaret Hodgson 1732
d 18 October 1782 Dent, Yorkshire

Leonard Sedgwick

bpt. 8 January 1707/8 Dent, Yorkshire
d 21 October 1721 Dent, Yorkshire

Jane Sedgwick

bpt. 30 November 1711 Dent, Yorkshire
m James Capstick
d before 1780

James Sedgwick

bpt. 30 September 1715 Dent, Yorkshire
m perhaps Ann Metcalf 1747
d probably 1780




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