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Edmund Sedgwick (b. 1744?)

Edmund Sedgwick [John Sedgwick of Dent?]
b. 1744?
m. Alice Sedgwick, 31 May 1768, Sedbergh, Yrks
d after 1800?

Alice Sedgwick [Abraham Sedgwick / Anne Mason]
bpt 18 August 1745 Garsdale, Yorkshire
m. Edmund Sedgwick
d after 1800?

Witnesses to Edmunds marriage were John Sedgwick and Samuel Cowper. Isabella Sedgwick was married to Samuel Cowper on 25 May 1768 and one of the witnesses was Edmund Sedgwick. The baptism of an Isabella daughter of John took place on 8 October 1738. It is an oral family legend that this Samuel Cowper is related to the famous poet William Cowper.

The only likely baptism found for Edmund is in Dent whilst there are several for Alice. One entry records the baptism of an Alice to Abraham Sedgwick and Anne Mason in 1745 at Garsdale. This would explain the use of the christian name Abraham in this family.

It has recently been established that Edmund is the ancestor of William Walmsley Sedgwick.


John Sedgwick

b. 8 May 1769 bpt 4 June 1769 Sedbergh, Yorkshire

Ann Sedgwick

b. 1 April 1771
bpt 28 April 1771 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
d before 1774

Ann Sedgwick

b. 16 February 1774
bpt 27 March 1774 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
m John Preston 8 April 1799

Abraham Sedgwick

b 20 March 1776
bpt. 21 April 1776 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
bd 23 April 1786

Alice Sedgwick

b. 4 October 1779
bpt 31 October 1779 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
m John Wightman 14 April 1799 Kendal
d 2 July 1853 Fawcett Forest, Kendal

Bella Sedgwick

b. 27 December 1782 bpt 2 March 1783 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
bd 2 October 1784

Edmund Sedgwick

b 8 September 1785
bpt. 23 October 1785 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
m Mary Drummond (nee Bell?) 1811
d before 1841

Abraham Sedgwick

b. 17 August 1788
bpt 26 October 1788 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
m Agnes Hodgkinson 1818 North Meols, Lancashire
d 23 April 1871 Fulwood, Lancashire (BMD)

Descendants / Researchers:

Rosemary Lewis <a.lewis@clear.net.nz>

Rosemary is descended from the marriage of Alice Sedgwick and John Wightman.

Suzanne Black <wahey@juno.com>

Suzanne is descended from Abraham Sedgwick and Agnes Hodgkinson.




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