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Robert Sedgwick (born circa 1761)

Robert Sedgwick [Giles Sedgwick / Agnes Hind]
bpt 6 April 1761 Kirkby Malham, Yorkshire
m Ann Smith 1782
bd 1 January 1818

Robert was a farmer according to son John Sedgwick's marriage certificate. Ann probably died in 1844.


Agnes Sedgwick

bpt 6 February 1784 Kirkby Malham, Yorkshire
d perhaps 1814

Christopher Sedgwick

bpt 1 January 1786 Padiham, Lancashire

Margaret Sedgwick

bpt 26 June 1787 Padiham, Lancashire

Giles Sedgwick

bpt 22 February 1789 Padiham, Lancashire
m Catherine Smith Dozell 1812
bd 1815 St Michael Le Querne, London

Giles Edmund Sedgwick

b 1813
bd 1813 St Michael Le Querne, London

Leonard Sedgwick

bpt 13 March 1791 Kirkby Malham, Yorkshire
m probably Jane Pickhaver 1817 Long Preston, Yorkshire
m2 Mary Esther Wood 1845
d probably 1856

Mary Sedgwick

bpt 24 March 1793 Kirkby Malham, Yorkshire
d perhaps 1814

John Sedgwick

bpt 6 July 1798 Kirkby Malham, Yorkshire
m Jane Parker 1818
m2 Charlotte Hall (nee Knowles) 1837 (BMD)
d 6 September 1849

Source Notes:

1812 marriage - Faculty Office Marriage Licence Allegations 1701-1850 (SOG)




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