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Christopher Sedgwick (1819 - 1877)

Christopher Sedgwick [Anthony Sedgwick / Mary Metcalfe]
bpt 28 September 1819 Halton Gill, Yorkshire
m Ann Petty 1848
d 1877

Yet another farming family. A slight correction here as Anthony was previously thought to have married but this was in fact his cousin.


Anthony Sedgwick

b circa 1849 Stainforth, Yorkshire
d after 1901

Mary Jane Sedgwick

b circa 1851 Stainforth, Yorkshire
m James Duckett 1880 (BMD)
d after 1871

John Sedgwick

b circa 1853 Stainforth, Yorkshire
d after 1901

Charles Sedgwick

b circa 1855 Stainforth, Yorkshire
d after 1901

Christopher Sedgwick

b circa 1857 Stainforth, Yorkshire
d after 1901

Ann Sedgwick

b circa 1859 Stainforth, Yorkshire
d after 1901

James Sedgwick

b circa 1860 Stainforth, Yorkshire
d after 1891

Sarah Sedgwick

b circa 1863 Stainforth, Yorkshire
d after 1891

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b circa 1866 Stainforth, Yorkshire
m George Metcalfe 1893
d after 1901

Margaret Sedgwick

b circa 1869 Stainforth, Yorkshire
d 1882

Thomas Sedgwick

b circa 1871 Stainforth, Yorkshire
d 1889

Source Notes:

1881 census - Ann Sedgswick 56 Farmer (600 Acres N K Employing 5 Sons), Anthoney Sedgswick 32 Farmers son, John Sedgswick 28 Farmers Son, Charles Sedgswick 26 Farmers Son, Christopher Sedgswick 24 Farmers Son, Ann Sedgswick 22 Farmers Daur, James Sedgswick 20 Farmers Son, Sarah Sedgswick 18 Farmers Daur, Elizabeth Sedgswick 15 Farmers Daur, Margaret Sedgswick 12 Farmers Daur, Thomas Sedgswick 10 Farmers son (Sherwood House, Stainforth In Settle - RG11 4298 102 1)




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