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William Sedgwick of Liverpool (born 1779)

William Sedgwick [John Sedgwick / Mary Moore]
b.circa 1779 Firbank, Westmorland
m. Sarah Woods
d. 1860

The 1851 census shows William's profession as a merchant. In 1861 Sarah (widow), three unmarried daughters and grandson William Henry Sedgwick (son of William) are living in Birkenhead. In 1871 William Henry is living in Sedbergh with 4 maiden aunts, in 1881 with 3 and in 1891 with two. By this time WH is a photographer and rural postman.

Joseph's godfather was Joseph Williamson known in Liverpool as the King of Edge Hill - more details at this site. Is there a family connection anywhere?


Mary Ash Sedgwick

bpt 28 February 1806 St Nicholas, Liverpool
d 1891

John Woods Sedgwick

bpt 23 November 1808 St Nicholas, Liverpool
d 1831

Stephen Fawcett Sedgwick

bpt 6 February 1811 St Nicholas, Liverpool
d 1828

Margaret Woods Sedgwick

bpt 9 June 1813 St Nicholas, Liverpool
d 1895

John William Sedgwick

b circa 1814 Birkenhead, Lancashire
m Margaret Bridgewater
d Unknown

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt 22 May 1816 St Nicholas, Liverpool
d 1884

Sarah Jane Sedgwick

bpt 22 May 1816 St Nicholas, Liverpool
d 1871

William Sedgwick

bpt 25 August 1819 St Nicholas, Liverpool
m Alice Rowson 14 February 1847
d 1861 Australia

William Henry Sedgwick
b circa 1849 Liverpool
m perhaps Ellen Lupton 1892 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
d after 1891

Joseph Williamson Sedgwick

bpt 18 May 1825 St Nicholas, Liverpool
m Julia Ann Whitehead 1848 Rochdale, Lancashire (BMD)
d 1904

Source Notes:

1841 census - William Sedgwick 58 Merchant, Sarah Sedgwick 55, Maryann Sedgwick 25, Margaret Woods Sedgwick 23, Elizabeth Sedgwick 22, Sarah Jane Sedgwick 22, William Sedgwick 21, Joseph Williamson Sedgwick 16 (Islington, Liverpool - HO107 559 25 32 56)




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