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Stephen Sedgwick of Ingleton (1702 - 1779)

Stephen Sedgwick of Ingleton [Matthew Sedgwick / Agnes Unknown]
bpt. 9 September 1702 Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire
m. Jane Bateson 1724
d. 1779, Ingleton, Yorks

At the time of his death, Stephen Sedgwick was described as being a gentlemen, late of Ingleton, parish of Bentham. Executors of his will were John Sedgwick and James Redmayne.


Matthew Sedgwick Clerk

bpt. 25 January 1726 Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire
m Jane Middleton 1749 (IGI)
m2 Alice Eastham 1772
d. After 1779

Agnes Sedgwick

bpt. 19 March 1728 Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire
m1. Thomas Sedgwick 1755 Ingleton
m2. John Moor 1770
d. After 1779 Ingleton

Jane Sedgwick

b. prob 1731 Horton
m. Edmund Wilson 2 October 1756
d. Before 1779

Christopher Sedgwick

bpt. 7 July 1733 Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire
d. before 1779

William Sedgwick Clerk

bpt. 14 September 1735 Ingleton Fells, Yorkshire
d. After 1779

Stephen Sedgwick

b. c 1738
m. Margaret Metcalfe 1765
d. Circa 1768

Stephen Sedgwick
bpt 10 March 1766 Horton in Ribblesdale, Yorkshire
m. Bella Metcalfe 1789
d. after 1851

Catherine Sedgwick

b. circa 1743
m. William Hird 15 May 1768 Bentham
d. Before 1779

Alice Sedgwick

b. prob 1747 Horton
m. James Redmayne 1767 Ingleton
d. After 1779

John Sedgwick Clerk

b. prob 1750 - Horton
m. Mary Moore 1773 Firbank, Westmoreland
d. 1836 - Howgill, Yorkshire




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