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UK Sedgwicks - Places - Yorkshire
John Sedgwick of Sedbergh (born circa 1848)

John Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick / Elizabeth Stainton]
b circa 1848 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
m1 Sarah (Robinson 1869?)
m2 Jane Gilpin 1881 (BMD)
d After 1901

In 1871 John is described as the farmer of 22 acres which had increased to 120 acres by 1881. By 1901 John, now a widower, is working as an auctioneer. Son Thomas William was a clegyman living in Bradford.


Thomas William Sedgwick

b 1870 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
m Emma Louisa Ward 1901 (BMD)
d after 1901

Elizabeth Anne Sedgwick

b circa 1873 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
d after 1901

Jane Sedgwick

b circa 1875 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
d after 1891

Mary Alice Sedgwick

b 1876 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
d 1891 Sedbergh, Yorkshire

Sarah Agnes Sedgwick

b 1879 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
d after 1891

Joseph Bland Sedgwick

b 1883 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
m Alice Brawley 1916
d after 1901

John Sedgwick

b 1885 Sedbergh, Yorkshire
d after 1901

Source Notes:

1881 census - John Sedgwick 33 Farmer Of 120 Acres, Jane Sedgwick 37, Thomas Sedgwick 10 Scholar, Eliz Anne Sedgwick 8 Scholar, Jane Sedgwick 6 Scholar, Mary A Sedgwick 4, Sarah A Sedgwick 2, John Gilpin 11 Scholar (Hole House, Sedbergh - RG11 4294 61 1)





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