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William Sedgwick (born circa 1765)

William Sedgwick [Unknown Sedgwick]
b. circa 1765
probably m. Penelope Watts 1793
d. 1810

All that is known about this family has been taken from Memorial Inscriptions transcribed from Newington church. These commemorate the lives of Penelope Sedgwick who died 18 June 1818 aged 53, daughters Mary and Ann Sedgwick and grandchildren William Sedgwick and Elizabeth Lee Sedgwick. Penelope was living at Norfolk Place when she died and Ann was in Islington.

WIlliam left a will which mentions his wife Penelope, brother John Sedgwick, two eldest sons and daughters. It is an assumption that this is the Penelope Watts who married William Sedgwick at St Leonards, Shoreditch in 1793. William was described as being of Fleet Street when he died.

A John Sedgwick of Fleet Street died in 1826 aged 53 and was buried at Lewisham - was this his brother?


Mary Sedgwick

b. circa 1795
d 23 May 1813

Ann Sedgwick

b. circa 1800
d 7 January 1821

William Sedgwick

b. 1805 Kennington, Surrey
m. Amelia Bayne Williams 1831
d. 1 October 1881 Seaton, Devon

Descendants / Researchers:

Tim Sedgwick <twsedgwick1@supanet.com>




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