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Wenlocke Sedgwick (born circa 1630)

Wenlocke Sedgwick [Unknown Sedgwick]
b. circa 1630
m. Unknown
d. before 1665

Wenlock is mentioned in his brother Raphaels will as the father of a number of children.

It is possible that Wenlocke and his brother were born much earlier than assumed on these pages. A Thomas son of Raphael and Mary was baptised in 1656 and apprenticed as an Innkeeper in 1675/6. He was still alive in 1688 and wasn't mentioned in the will of Raphael (1672)


Henry Sedgwick

b before 1665
m Unknown
d after 1715

Wenlocke Sedgwick

b before 1665
m1 Mary Chamberlyn
m2 Martha Dring 1708
d. 1715

Henry Sedgwick

bpt 20 April 1709 St Mary, Lichfield

Raphael Sedgwick

b. perhaps 1635
m Mary Higgenbotham 1656?
d before 1715?

James Sedgwick

b. circa 1650
m Mary Boman 1674
d after 1715

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b. before 1665
d after 1672

Dorothy Sedgwick

b. before 1665
d after 1672

Mary Sedgwick

b. circa 1650
m James Unknown (Adams, Davies?) circa 1670
d after 1672

William Sedgwick

bpt. 18 January 1656 Shenstone, Staffordshire
d before 1672




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