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Unknown Sedgwick of Sutton Coldfield

Unknown (Henry?) Sedgwick
b. circa 1590

A Henry Sedgwick of Wile, Warwickshire is found in a 1557 document. Another Henry Sedgwick, deceased, is mentioned in a document relating to Sutton Coldfield in 1615. There are several 1601 documents relating to the property of a Raphael Sedgwick as well as a number of Sedgwick marriages in the parish of Sutton Coldfield including those of both a Henry and a Raphael.

Henry is listed on this page as he is likely to be connected to this family - his will was witnessed by Wenlock Sedgwick.

A later Sedgwick of WIldGreen left £100 to his cousin James Billingsley in 1773.

More data is urgently needed to fill in the gaps especially to firm up the dates of birth for the people here - I suspect that all were born 20 years before I have them here!.


Henry Sedgwick

b circa 1610
m Elizabeth Thompson 1631
d circa 1653

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b circa 1631
m Unknown Parry?
d after 1653

Wenlocke Sedgwick

b circa 1630
m Unknown
d. before 1665

Raphael Sedgwick

b. circa 1630
m1 Unknown
m2 Ann Unknown
d circa 1672 [will details]

Margaret Sedgwick

b. circa 1630
m Thomas Taylor
d after 1672

Unknown Sedgwick

b. circa 1630
m Philip Lane
d after 1672




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