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Thomas Sedgwick (born circa 1823)

Thomas William Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick / Phoebe Shannaw]
bpt 29 September 1822 St George Hanover Square, London
m Susannah Amelia Patterson 1853 (BMD)
d 1900

In 1851 Thomas was described as oilman and grocer - by 1881 Thomas was described as a retired grocer.

Son George was described as a play actor when he married in Scotland. Wife Clara died in 1900.


Sylvia Ellen Sedgwick

b 1855 Westminster, London (BMD)
m Unknown 1882 (BMD)
d after 1871

Minnie Agnes Sedgwick

b 1857 Westminster, London (BMD)
d after 1891

Eliza Sedgwick

b circa 1861 Westminster, London
d after 1861

Amy Gertrude Sedgwick

b 1861 Westminster, London (BMD)
d after 1871

Thomas Bingham Sedgwick

b 1863 Westminster, London (BMD)
d after 1881

William Alfred George Sedgwick

b 1865 Westminster, London (BMD)
d after 1881

George Lewis Sedgwick

bpt 3 March 1867 Clapham, Surrey (BMD)
m Clara Nicholson Settle 1888
d after 1911

Jane Amelia Sedgwick

b 1869 Westminster, London (BMD)
d after 1891

Source Notes:

1881 census - Thos W Sedgwick 58 Retired Grocer, Susan A Sedgwick 50, Thos B Sedgwick 18 Brush Makers Clerk, Wm A G Sedgwick 16, Geo L Sedgwick 14 Grocers Assistant, Jane A Sedgwick 11 Scholar (98 Church St, Chelsea - RG11 81 58 12)




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