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James Sedgwick of Cape Town (1811-1872)

James Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick / Martha Davis]
b. 13 May 1811
bpt 30 May 1812 Islington, London
m Mary Bush Parke 22 January 1839 Cape Town, South Africa
d 3 October 1872 Cape Town, South Africa

James began his career as a mid-shipman in the Honourable East India Company and commanded his first ship in 1833. At the time of his marriage he is described as of the ship Addingham and an additional reference to a Captain Sedgwick of the three masted schooner The Osprey may relate to him. His last command was of the Lady Valiant in 1856. The merchant service of the East India Company ceased in 1834 so it must be assumed that James worked in another capacity. He was the author of two books - "Golden Hints to Young Mariners" and "The True Principle of the Law of Storms" both used at 'Greenwich Nautical College'.

He settled in Cape Town and in 1859 he founded James Sedgwick and Company which traded in wines and spirits.

In 1851 Mary and the children are living in Bootle, Lancashire.


James Thomas Sedgwick

b 1840 Cape Town, South Africa
m E Nitchen 1879
d 1907

Lydia Mary Sedgwick

b 1843 Cape Town, South Africa
m A Spilhaus 1873
d 1920

Edward William Sedgwick

b 1845 Cape Town, South Africa
m Amelia Gray 1887
d 1918

Charles Frederick Sedgwick

b 1847 Cape Town, South Africa
Mary Grey
d 1907

Alfred Montague Tollemache Sedgwick

b 1849 Cape Town, South Africa
m E Thomas
d 1936

Amy Alice Sedgwick

b 1863 Cape Town, South Africa
R Muller
d 1929

Annie Elizabeth Sedgwick

b 1865 Cape Town, South Africa
m R Ellis 1893

Descendants / Researchers:

Christopher Sedgwick of Cape Town

Christopher is descended from Edward William Sedgwick and kindly allowed me to publish his family details on Sedgwick.org.




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