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James Sedgwick of Stepney (born circa 1735)

James Sedgwick [Unknown Sedgwick]
b. circa 1735
m. Sarah Chapman 1757
d. after 1773

A James was baptised in 1742 in St George in the East, Stepney. Could this be him?

In 1759, James was a witness in a trial at the Old Bailey.

James is described either as a Painter or as a Victualler of Mile End Old Town - is this one man or two? The baptism for Robert John has his fathers name as John Sedgwick, victualler of Mile End Old Town. The same man as James Sedgwick perhaps?

The use of the christian name Luke could hint at a link to Tobias Sedgwick and the Staindrop family


John Sedgwick (Painter)

bpt 16 October 1760 Saint Dunstan, Stepney

James Luke Sedgwick (Victualler)

bpt. 18 October 1763 Saint Dunstan, Stepney
m. Jane Douglass 1783
d. after 1797

Mary Sedgwick (Painter)

bpt. 21 December 1764 Saint Dunstan, Stepney

Robert John Sedgwick (Victualler)

bpt. 19 December 1766 Saint Dunstan, Stepney
m Sarah Unknown (Pugh 1799?)
d after 1802

Thomas Sedgwick (Victualler)

bpt. 7 April 1768 Saint Dunstan, Stepney

Eliz. Alice Sedgwick (Vintner)

bpt. 29 December 1769 Saint Dunstan, Stepney
bd 24 June 1770

Lucy Ann Sedgwick (-)

bpt. 2 July 1771 Saint Dunstan, Stepney

William Henry Sedgwick (Painter)

bpt. 10 October 1773 Saint Dunstan, Stepney
bd 29 August 1776




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