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UK Sedgwicks - Places - Middlesex
Sedgwicks of St Bride's

St Bride's, Fleet Street is on the western edge of the City of London. It has a colourful history as can be seen on their website

Four children were baptised between 1587 and 1628 ( IGI ref C022422).
Two baptisms between 1629 and 1653 ( IGI ref C022423)
Two baptisms between 1653 and 1672 ( IGI ref C022424)
Six baptisms between 1673 and 1695 ( IGI ref C022425)
No baptisms between 1695 and 1714 ( IGI ref C022426)
Three baptisms between 1813 and 1859 ( IGI ref C022427)
John Sedgwick married Susannah Burton in 1710 (IGI ref M022423

It seems likely that Francis is part of the Major Robert family.


William Sedgwick

b. abt 1579
m. Elizabeth Howe 10 April 1604 St Mary's, Woburn
bu June 25 1632 Woburn, Bedfordshire

Stephen Sedgwick

b. abt 1589
m. Katherine Browne 1615, St Ives
d. circa 1638

Richard Sedgwick

b. abt 1639
m. Margaret Unknown
d. after 1661

Francis Sedgwick

b circa 1657 Tingewick, Bucks
m Hester (Steade) 1681
d After 1695

John Sedgwick

b. abt 1795
m. Eleanor Unknown
d. after 1820

William Sedgwick

b. abt 1837
m. Sarah Unknown
d. after 1858




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