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To see the Sedgwick families by parish look here. This page is new and doesn't yet contain links to all the areas.

There is a large overlap between London and its surrounding counties. Strictly speaking London is the square mile of the City and has been associated with business over many centuries. Certain parishes have strong family and guild connections. In the seventeenth century Westminster, part of Middlesex, was separated from the City by countryside - a world away in comparison to London today.

For the purposes of consistency, London and Middlesex are together here as they are on the IGI and other major sites.

William Sedgwick of Woburn and London
Family connections to St Brides and Hackney
Tobias Sedgwick of London
Family connections to Westminster and Staindrop, Durham
William Sedgwick of London
Connections with St Olave Hart Street and Hackney
Robert Sedgwick
Lived in St Martins in the Fields
James Sedgwick
Born circa 1735 and lived in Covent Garden
Samuel Sedgwick
Born circa 1740
Thomas Sedgwick
Originally from Yorkshire
Joseph Sedgwick
Married Elizabeth Woodward 1802
William Sedgwick of London
Connections with several City parishes
Richard Sedgwick of Shoreditch
Baptised in Holborn in 1803
Sedgwicks of Staines
But where from before that?
William Sedgwick
Born circa 1811
Lived in Bethnal Green
Edward Parsons Sedgwick
Born circa 1829
Connections with Bristol
John Sedgwick of Brentford
Born circa 1829 in Chiswick area
Ralph Sedgwick
Born circa 1851 and described as a foundling

IGI ENTRIES: 1820 (Births 1182, Marriages 551, Deaths 87)

1841 CENSUS: awaiting data

1851 CENSUS (PARTIAL): awaiting data

1861 CENSUS: ? Resident Sedgwicks, ? families, ? 'strays'

1871 CENSUS: ? Resident Sedgwicks, ? families, ? 'strays'

1881 CENSUS: ? Resident Sedgwicks, ? families, ? 'strays'

1891 CENSUS: ? Resident Sedgwicks, ? families, ? 'strays'

1901 CENSUS: ? Resident Sedgwicks, ? families, ? 'strays'


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