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William Augustus Sedgwick (1841-1927)

William Charles Augustus Sedgwick [James Woodward Sedgwick / Eliza Emma Lance]
b. circa 1841 Walworth, Surrey
m. Mary Ann Sanders 1865 (BMD)
d. 1927 Plaistow

This is a very interesting Sedgwick. He is one of the most famous of the showmen having travelled as a photographer and as a menagerist. All his family were part of the travelling community and were born and married across England.

Phoebe's husband John Scarfe was prosecuted for bigamy in 1894 and was sentenced to one weeks imprisonment without hard labour*. The couple 'remarried' and were living together in 1901.


Ellen Sedgwick

b. 1867 Walworth, Surrey (BMD)
m Frank Wilson 1886 (BMD)
d 1903

Phoebe Sedgwick

b. 1871 Stratford, London (BMD)
m John Henry Scarfe 1892 & 1899 (BMD) (BMD)
d after 1901

Richard Sedgwick

b. 1875 Truro, Cornwall (BMD)
m. Nellie Clarke 1899 (BMD)

Arthur Sedgwick

b. 7 August 1878 Edinburgh, Scotland
m Harriet Prudence Clark 1901 (BMD)
d. after 1911

Albert Sedgwick

b. 1880 Manchester, Lancs (BMD)
m. Rhoda Matthews ?

Rose Sedgwick

b. 1882 Diss, Norfolk (BMD)

Frank Sedgwick

b. circa 1887 Banbury, Oxfordshire
m. Ivy Thurston

Source Notes:

*Bigamy trial - John Henry Scaife - Old Bailey Online

1881 census - William Sedgwick 40 Travelling Showman, Nelly Sedgwick 36, Nelly Sedgwick 14, Phoebe Sedgwick 9 Scholar, Richard Sedgwick 6 Scholar, Arthur Sedgwick 4 Scholar, Albert Sedgwick 2 (St Helena Gardens Sedgwicks Waxworks Show, Rotherhithe - RG11 578 29 52)

1901 census - John H Scarfe 38 Travelling Showman, Phoebe Scarfe 30, Ruby R Scarfe 1, Florence Scarfe Niece 14 (Fariground, Harpurley - RG13 3752 162 40)




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