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Francis Sedgwick (b circa 1750)

Francis Sedgwick [Francis Sedgwick / Ann Unknown]
b. circa 1740
m. Ann Billinsley 1760
d. after 1769

There are two parishes used for baptism so this could mean that there are two families here. However a William Sedgwick son of Francis of St Botolph Aldgate, cordwainer, was apprenticed to John Boston of the Blacksmiths Company in 1788.

'Son' Francis is the most likely candidate for the father of Richard Sedgwick especially as he was also a smith. However this is not proven.


Sarah Sedgwick

bpt. 8 March 1761 St James Duke's-Place, London

Ann Sedgwick

bpt. 19 September 1762 St James Duke's-Place, London

Ruth Sedgwick

bpt. 14 June 1766 St James Duke's-Place, London
m George Cleeter 1785

Francis Sedgwick

bpt. 25 January 1767 St James Duke's-Place, London
m. Elizabeth Unknown (Strutton 1795?)
d. after 180

William Stephens Sedgwick

bpt. 17 December 1769 St James Duke's-Place, London
d after 1788

Joseph Dickenson Sedgwick

bpt. 16 March 1774 St Botolph Without Aldgate, London
m. Elizabeth Woodward 1802
d. before 1841

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt. 26 September 1777 St Botolph Without Aldgate, London

John Sedgwick

bpt. 3 August 1783 St Botolph Without Aldgate, London




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