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William Sedgwick (born circa 1856)

William Edward Sedgwick [Matthew Sedgwick / Sarah Barnbrook]
bpt 13 June 1858 St Brides, London
m Evelina Ann Mary Ellison 1876 (BMD)
d after 1901

In 1881 William 'Edward' Sedgwick is described as an ornamental draughtsman.

William Robert Sedgwick's baptism at St Brides in 1858 is linked as William's father 'William' is described as a coal porter. It would seem that William was born two years after Matthew died!


Rose Maud Sedgwick

b 1877 London (BMD)
m William Nott 1897 (BMD)
d after 1901

Evelina Alice Sedgwick

b 1879 London (BMD)
m James William Christopher 1904 (BMD)
d after 1901

William Edward Sedgwick

b 1881 London (BMD)
m Lydia Lavinia Christopher 1907 (BMD)
d after 1901

Sarah Eliza Florence Sedgwick

b 1883 London (BMD)
m Walter Baker 1911 (BMD)
d after 1901

Hade Elizabeth Sedgwick

b 1885 London (BMD)
d after 1901

Frederick Arthur Sedgwick

b 1887 London
d after 1901

Albert James Sedgwick

b 1889 London
d after 1901

Maud Maria Sedgwick

b 1890 London
d after 1901

Source Notes:

1881 census - Wm Edd Sedgwick 24 Ornamental Draughtsman Undef, Evelina Ann Mary Sedgwick 30, Rose Maud Sedgwick 3, Evelina Alice Sedgwick 2, William Ed Sedgwick 1m (23 Cromer St, St Pancras - RG11 191 56 4)




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