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William Sedgwick of Wigan (born circa 1767)

William Sedgwick [William Sedgeweek / Ann Unknown]
bpt. 21 February 1767
m1. Margaret Litherland 1791
d July 1838

Son Peter's baptism states that he is the second son of William Sedgwick, weaver, and Margaret Ashurst the daughter of Emery. The IGI give different maiden names for Margaret - she was the base born daughter of Emery Litherland. Her mother married Peter Whittle in 1774 and assumedly an Ashurst after that.

The baptismal records have been corrected from William to Peter but the Bishops Transcripts haven't.

William junior is in the British Army in Canada in 1812.


William Sedgwick

b. circa 1790
m Nancy Lewis 1825
d after 1841

Mary Sedgwick

b. 30 August 1792 Wigan, Lancashire
d probably after 1819

Frances Sedgwick

b. 6 May 1819 Wigan, Lancashire
d probably after 1819

Jane Sedgwick

bpt. 25 May 1794 Wigan, Lancashire

Peter Sedgwick

b. 12 September 1796 Wigan, Lancashire
m Jane Hambleton 1823
d probably 1865 (BMD)

John Sedgwick

b. 3 August 1798 Wigan, Lancashire
d 8 May 1800

Thomas Sedgwick

b. 31 March 1800 Wigan, Lancashire
m1. Alice Topping 1828
m2. Margaret Unknown
d between 1861 and 1871

John Sedgwick

b. 27 February 1804 Wigan, Lancashire
m Ellen Oliver 1826
d. after 1851

Ann Sedgwick

b. 27 November 1805 Wigan, Lancashire

Emery (Emma) Sedgwick

b. 28 December 1807 Wigan, Lancashire
m probably James Georgeson 1850

Charles Sedgwick

b. 19 April 1813 Wigan, Lancashire
d 4 November 1813

Esther Sedgwick

bpt. 31 October 1814 Wigan, Lancashire




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