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UK Sedgwicks - Places - Lancashire
Samuel Sedgwick of Bolton (born circa 1847)

Samuel Sedgwick [Samuel Sedgwick / Betty Hornby]
b. 30 May 1847 Turton, Lancashire (BMD)
m Mary Haslam 1866 (BMD)
d after 1901

In 1871 and 1881 Samuel is working as a quarryman and in 1891 and 1901 as a blacksmith at a stone quarry. In the latter census returns Samuel and his wife are living apart with Samuel living with his 'wife' Mary H Sedgwick in 1891 and with his housekeeper Mary Hodgkins in 1901.


John Sedgwick

b. 1867 Turton, Lancashire (BMD)
m Mary Elizabeth Whitworth 1888 (BMD)
d after 1901

Elizabeth Ann Sedgwick

b. 1869 Turton, Lancashire (BMD)
m Thomas Chesworth 1890 (BMD)
d after 1891

Frank Sedgwick

b. 16 August 1871 Turton, Lancashire (BMD)
m Esther Horrocks 1896 (BMD)
d 5 September 1938

Daniel Sedgwick

b. 1873 Turton, Lancashire (BMD)
m Alice Brindle Wallbank 1897 (BMD)
d after 1901

Phyllis Sedgwick

b. 1901 Bolton, Lancashire (BMD)

Clara Sedgwick

b. 1875 Turton, Lancashire (BMD)
m Richard F Dickinson 1896 (BMD)
d after 1896

Joseph Sedgwick

b. 1878 Turton, Lancashire (BMD)
m Annie Bentley 1902 (BMD)
d 14 August 1914

Olive Sedgwick

b. 1880 Turton, Lancashire (BMD)
m James T Casson 1905 (BMD)
d after 1905




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