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Robert Sedgwick of Bury (1816 - 1889)

Robert Sedgwick [Joseph Sedgwick / Mary Ryley]
bpt 16 October 1816 at Bury, Lancashire
m. Alice Taylor 1837 Manchester Cathedral
d 1889

Robert is described as being a boot and shoe maker following his fathers profession. It is not known whether Alice Taylor is related to Robert's step-mother Mary.

Where is Robert in 1841? His wife is living with her parents in law.


Mary Sedgwick

b 1839 at Bury, Lancashire (BMD)
d 1839

Mary Sedgwick

bpt 27 February 1842 at Bury, Lancashire (BMD)
m1 Lawrence Sharples 1859 (BMD)
m2 George Grindrod circa 1901

William Sharples (10th child)
b 1883 Bury, Lancashire
m Cecilia Costello 1905
d 1966 Oldham, Lancashire

Doris Sharples (5th child)
b 1916 Oldham, Lancashire
m Stanley Hall 1933
d 1986 Burnham, Buckinghamshire

Joseph Sedgwick

bpt 4 May 1844 at Bury, Lancashire (BMD)
d probably 1853 Bury, Lancashire (BMD)

James Sedgwick

bpt 22 September 1846 at Bury, Lancashire (BMD)
m. Sarah Ann Hampson 1868 Bury , Lancashire (BMD)
d. after 1901

John Sedgwick

bpt 24 February 1852 at Bury, Lancashire (BMD)
m. Betsy Hampson 1871 Bury , Lancashire (BMD)
d. after 1901

Joseph Thomas Sedgwick

bpt 28 October 1854 at Bury, Lancashire (BMD)
d 1868 (BMD)

Robert Albert Sedgwick

bpt 27 October 1857 at Bury, Lancashire (BMD)
d 1902 Bury, Lancashire

William Sedgwick

bpt 14 July 1861 at Bury, Lancashire (BMD)
m Elizabeth Entwhistle 1883 (BMD)
d. after 1901

Source Notes:

1881 census - Robert A Sedgwick 23 Tailor, Robert Sedgwick 64 Boot & Shoemaker, Alice Sedgwick 62, William Sedgwick 19 Cotton Manufacturers Warehouseman, Robert Taylor 56 Boot & Shoemaker (21 North Back King Street, Bury - RG11 3860 33 4)

Descendants / Researchers:

Susan McLintock < susan@mclintock7.freeserve.co.uk>

Susan is the daughter of Doris Sharples and Stanley Hall




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