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Joseph Sedgwick of Cartmel (1775 - 1844)

Joseph Sedgwick [George Sedgwick / Mary Crow]
b. 10 December 1775 Burblethwaite, Cartmel Fell
m Catherine Tyson 1 December 1801 Cartmel, Lancashire
d 19 January 1844 Lindale, Lancashire

In 1841 Joseph is described as a farmer as is his son Joseph. Daughters Jane and Mary are working for Philip Caddy assumedly their uncle.

In 1851 Catherine (Cumming) is living with her nephew Richard Bradley and a George Sedgwick. Which George is this?

Joseph junior is in Preston with his family.


Jane Sedgwick

b. 29 October 1803 Cartmel, Lancashire
m Samuel Burgess 1855 (BMD)
d after 1841

Joseph Sedgwick

b. 11 August 1806 Cartmel, Lancashire
m probably Elizabeth Sowerbutts 1846 (BMD)
d probably 1855

Mary Sedgwick

b. 10 September 1809 Cartmel, Lancashire
m Richard Bradley 1830
d 20 January 1849

Catherine Sedgwick

b. 8 July 1815 Cartmel, Lancashire
m Roger Thornbeck Cumming 1837 (BMD)
d probably 1868 Preston, Lancashire

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b. 11 April 1819 Cartmel, Lancashire
m John Allen 1842 (BMD)
d after 1881

Source Notes:

1841 census - Joseph Sedgwick 60 Farmer, Catherine Sedgwick 55, Joseph Sedgwick 30 Farmer, Elizabeth Sedgwick 20 (Bullingham - HO107 528 3 21 13)

Descendants / Researchers:

Fred Sedgwick <sedgwick@ca.inter.net>

Fred is the undisputed expert having researched this family for many years. Almost every piece of information on these pages has been uncovered by him.




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