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George Sedgwick of Windermere (born circa 1750)

George Sedgwick [Unknown Sedgwick]
b. circa 1750 Westmorland
m. Mary Crow 1775 Underbarrow, Westmorland
d. 20 April 1813 [will details]

At the time of his adding this family to the site, I have very little personal information. If anyone can add a profession for George, please e-mail me.


Joseph Sedgwick

b. 10 December 1775 Burblethwaite, Cartmel Fell
m Catherine Tyson 1 December 1801 Cartmel, Lancashire
d 19 January 1844 Lindale, Lancashire

Mary Sedgwick

b. 10 August 1777 Bryan Beck, Cartmel, Lancashire
m Phillip Caddy 4 April 1825 Cartmel, Lancashire
d. 23 December 1837 Cartmel, Lancashire

Elizabeth Sedgwick

b. 12 October 1798 Hill, Cartmel, Lancashire
m John Stamper 15 November 1834 Cartmel, Lancashire
d. after 1861

James Sedgwick

b. 3 May 1779 Cartmel Fell, Lancashire

Margaret Sedgwick

bpt. 7 March 1781 Crosthwaite & Lyth, Westmorland
d 25 March 1782 Cartmel Fell, Lancashire

John Sedgwick

b. circa 1782
d 16 February 1782 Cartmel Fell, Lancashire

George Sedgwick

bpt. 7 October 1783 Witherslack, Westmorland
d 15 October 1783 Witherslack, Westmorland

Agnes Sedgwick

b. circa 1785
d 20 July 1785 Cartmel Fell, Lancashire

Thomas Sedgwick

bpt. 9 July 1787 Windermere, Westmorland
m Agnes Cleminson 18 October 1813 Cartmel, Lancashire
d 1 March 1874 Cartmel, Lancashire

John Sedgwick

bpt. 9 September 1789 Windermere, Westmorland

Jane Sedgwick

b. circa 1791
m George Cleminson 2 December 1841 Ulverston, Lancashire
d perhaps 1851

Betty Sedgwick

bpt. 24 April 1792 Windermere, Westmorland
d 11 May 1792 Cartmel Fell, Lancashire

Christopher Sedgwick

b. 5 March 1793 Kentmere, Westmorland
m Mary Allan 2 March 1818 Cartmel, Lancashire
d 25 March 1839 Cartmel, Lancashire (BMD)

George Sedgwick

b. 11 July 1799 Cartmel Fell, Lancashire
m Ann Dennison 12 May 1824 Underbarrow Chapel, Kendal
d probably 1865

Descendants / Researchers:

Fred Sedgwick <sedgwick@ca.inter.net>

Fred is the undisputed expert having researched this family for many years. Almost every piece of information on these pages has been uncovered by him.




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