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Richard Sedgwick (born circa 1775)

Richard Sedgwick [Richard Sedgwick / Jane Else]
bpt 2 September 1764 Boughton Malherbe, Kent
m Mary Richards 1787
d after 1805

In the IGI there are several children born in Lenham to a Richard and Mary Sedgwick. It is assumed that it is the same Mary - it is possible but unlikely that Richard married two different Marys.

The original registers should be checked to confirm these entries and the links that I have inferred.


William Charles Sedgwick

bpt 15 December 1788 Boughton Malherbe, Kent

Mary Sedgwick

bpt 4 April 1790 Boughton Malherbe, Kent

Richard Sedgwick

bpt 31 January 1791 Boughton Malherbe, Kent
m. Elizabeth Gingell 1822
d. 1865 (BMD)

Harriet Sedgwick

bpt 26 October 1794 Lenham, Kent

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt 6 March 1797 Lenham, Kent

Caroline Sedgwick

bpt 7 March 1798 Lenham, Kent

David Sedgwick

bpt. 3 November 1799 Lenham, Kent
m Mary Potter 1830
d probably 1859

Robert Sedgwick

bpt. 22 July 1804 Lenham, Kent
m1. Susan(nah) Baggero
m2. Mary Ann Unknown
d. after 1871

George Sedgwick

bpt. 16 December 1806 Lenham, Kent




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