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Thomas Sedgwick of Greenwich (born circa 1792)

Thomas Sedgwick [Stephen Sedgwick / Ann Rae]
bpt. 10 January 1792 East Greenwich, Kent
m. Elizabeth Jane Thome 1813
m2 Ann West 1830
d. 1839

At the baptism of his children Thomas is described as a clerk in the Royal Hospital residing in Green Lane, Greenwich.

In his will Thomas describes himself as a gentlemen. In 1841 Robert is described as a mariner and is leaving with his aunt Charlotte Sedgwick together with his cousins. First wife Elizabeth was buried 7 October 1820.


Louisa Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt. 20 April 1815 St Alphage, Greenwich, Kent
bd 21 June 1829

Thomas Stephen Sedgwick

bpt. 31 December 1816 St Alphage, Greenwich, Kent
d 19 December 1837 (BMD)

Robert Sedgwick

bpt. 5 August 1818 St Alphage, Greenwich, Kent
m Mary Elizabeth Palmer 1846 (BMD)
d after 1881

Stephen Sedgwick

bpt. 29 February 1820 St Alphage, Greenwich, Kent
bd 31 July 1820

Source Notes:

1841 census - Charlotte Sedgwick 40 Sextant, Ann Sedgwick 20 Ind, Charlotte Sedgwick 15 Ind, Robt Sedgwick 20 Mariner (Lamb Lane, Greenwich - HO107 489 9 32 13)




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