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George Edward Sedgwick (born circa 1839)

George Edward Sedgwick [George Henry Sedgwick / Sarah Ann Fox]
bpt. 8 December 1839 Deptford, Kent
m Caroline Hopkins 1866 (BMD)
d. 1890

In 1871 George is in Caistor, Norfolk working as a coast guard. By 1881 he is a warehouseman in Southwark.


Emma Caroline Sedgwick

b. 1868 Caistor, Norfolk (BMD)
d. 1892 Eastbourne?

Annie Sarah Sedgwick

b. 1870 Caistor, Norfolk (BMD)
d. 1872 (BMD)

Adah Mary Sedgwick

b. 1871 Caistor, Norfolk (BMD)
m Francis James Yorwarth 1899 (BMD)
d. after 1901

George Edward Sedgwick

b. 1873 Caistor, Norfolk (BMD)
m Alice Margaret Bick 1900 (BMD)
d. after 1901

Alice Lucina Sedgwick

b. 1900 Pancras, London (BMD)
d. after 1901

Alice Elizabeth Sedgwick

b. 1876 Herne Bay, Kent (BMD)
d. after 1891

Minnie Maria Sedgwick

b. 1878 (BMD)
m Unknown 1903 (BMD)
d. after 1903

Edith Annie Sedgwick

b. 1881 (BMD)
d. after 1891

Source Notes:

1881 census - Geo C Sedgwick 44 Warehouseman, Caroline Sedgwick 35, Emma Sedgwick 13, Ada Sedgwick 9, George Sedgwick 7, Alice Sedgwick 4, Minie Sedgwick 2, Edith Sedgwick 2m (5 York Street, Southwark St George Martyr - RG11 528 38 29)

Descendants / Researchers:

Brian Mullally <TBA>
husband of Maureen Sedgwick above, res. Cobourg, Ontario, Canada




ww1 army records 728x90