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Ethelbert Sedgwick (born circa 1846)

Ethelbert Sedgwick [William Sedgwick / Mildred Offen]
b. 1846 Ramsgate, Kent (BMD)
m Kate Daniels 1885 (BMD)
d. 1920

Ethelbert was a pauper / labourer in 1901 and the family are living in the Canterbury Workhouse. In 1911 Ethelbert, Kate, Alfred, Charles and Thomas are listed as being in an institution in Canterbury. Kent Archives Catalogue have several references to Ethelbert who apparently was imprisoned four times between 1887 and 1901. In addition his family have details of two earlier sentences for housebreaking and larceny in 1864 and 1871.


Edward James Daniels aks Sedgwick

b. 1879 St Mary Bredin, Canterbury, Kent
d. 26 September 1915 Loos, France

William Daniels aka Sedgwick

b. 1882 Canterbury, Kent
m Eleanor Rabbeth 1905 (BMD)
d. 25 May 1927

Alfred George Daniels aka Sedgwick

b. 1884 Canterbury, Kent
d. after 1911

Charles Percy Sedgwick

b. 1890 Milton, Kent (BMD)
d. after 1911

Thomas Edward S Sedgwick

b. 1894 Canterbury, Kent (BMD)
d. 9 August 1917 Arras, France

(Gertrude ) Mary Sedgwick

b. 1897 Canterbury, Kent (BMD)
d. after 1901

Source Notes:

1881 census -........................., Ethelbert Sedgwick 34 Pauper inmate (Union Workhouse, Bridge - RG11 926 10 14)

1881 census -........................., Kate Daniels 20 Housemaid domestic servant (Inmate), James Edward Daniels 2 (Inmate) (Canterbury Union Workhouse, Nunnery Fields - RG11 960 80 4)




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