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William George Sedgwick of Byfield (born 1852)

William George Sedgwick [William Sedgwick / Sarah Coppard]
b 1852 Byfield, Northants (BMD)
m Jane Thompson 1887 (BMD)
d after 1911

William was a draper like his father. In 1901 his sister is living with the family. By 1911 only Gerald and John are living with William and Jane. Margery, Harold and Ruth are living with their aunt Sarah in Leicester. Arthur is in Southwark. William is in Bedford and Janet is at school in Towcester.

Son Harold was killed in 1915 and is commemorated at the Loos memorial and (details of his life here) son Arthur was killed in 1916 and is commemorated at La Neuville cemetery, Corbie.

Son John Summers Sedgwick emigrated to Australia in 1930 on board 'Largs Bay'.


Margery Sedgwick

b 1889 Byfield, Northants (BMD)
d 1982

William Sedgwick

b 1890 Byfield, Northants (BMD)
m Beatrice M Stovin 1917
d 1960

William Boughtflower Sedgwick

b 26 February 1919
d 1997

Arthur Edward Sedgwick

b 1892 Byfield, Northants (BMD)
d 10 September 1916

Gerald Thompson Sedgwick

b 1893 Byfield, Northants (BMD)
d 1982

Harold Sedgwick

b 1895 Byfield, Northants (BMD)
d 27 September 1915

Ruth Sedgwick

b 1898 Byfield, Northants (BMD)
m George Rice 1926
d after 1987

Janet Mathanna Sedgwick

b 1900 Byfield, Northants (BMD)
d 1981

John Summers Sedgwick

b 1902 Byfield, Northants (BMD)
m Margery Lila Gollmick 1935 (#4436)
d 1991 Australia

Source Notes:

1901 census - William G Sedgwick 49 Draper, Jane Sedgwick 44, Margery Sedgwick 12, William Sedgwick 11, Arthur E Sedgwick 9, Gerald Sedgwick 7, Harold Sedgwick 6, Ruth Sedgwick 2, Janet M Sedgwick 6m, Sarah M Sedgwick 50 Drapers Assistant (Main St, Byfield - RG13 1433 44 14)




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