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William Sedgwick of Crayford (1789 - 1877)

William Sedgwick [William Sedgwick / Elizabeth Lever]
b circa 1789
m Susanna Wykes 1812
d 3 April 1877

The 1841 and 1851 census shows William with his daughter Elizabeth Sedgwick in Crayford. He is described as a master butcher in 1851. Son Samuel is a druggist in 1851.

Williams profession is difficult to decipher in the 1861 census - Agent / ?. With him are three of his Beale grandchildren (described as children). Susannah their mother is with her brother William in Byfield, Northamptonshire. In 1871 William is with his daughter Susannah and also in the house is his daughter Elizabeth.

In 1861 Elizabeth is living with a niece Louise Ashby, in 1881 with her cousin John Boorah in Kent, in 1891 she is back with her sister Susannah in Hornsey and in 1901 with her cousins in Stoke Newington. The exact link with Louise Ashby has yet to be proven. John Boorah's mother was Sophia Lever - the connection obviously via Elizabeths grandmother.


William Samuel Sedgwick

bpt 14 March 1813 Crayford, Kent
m Sarah Coppard 1848 (BMD)
d 1896

Susanna Sedgwick

bpt 16 July 1815 Crayford, Kent
m John Beale 1837
d after 1891

Elizabeth Sedgwick

bpt 21 September 1817 Crayford, Kent
d after 1901

Samuel Thomas Sedgwick

bpt 20 April 1821 Crayford, Kent
d 22 December 1886

Maria 'Sedgwick'

b circa 1820
m John Ashby

Source Notes:

1841 census - William Sedgwick 50 Druggist, Elizabeth Sedgwick 20 (Crayford Village - HO107 481 12 17 27)

1881 census - .............. Elizabeth Sedgwick 63 (Post Office Chart Corner, Chart Sutton - RG11 935 44 20)

1881 census - Samuel Sedgwick 60 Chemist And Druggist (Main Rd, Bexley - RG11 861 75 29)




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