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John Charles Sedgwick of Alverstoke (born 1842)

John Charles Sedgwick [John Sedgwick / Mary Unknown?]
b 1842 Barnes, Surrey
m Jane Judith Pitt 1869 (BMD)
d after 1901

John was a railway porter. Where was he in 1861?

Grandson Harry Sedgwick was adopted by Alexander and Agnes Habens - has anyone any idea of who his father could be? Lillias was working for a Churchill family in Alverstoke in 1901.


Lillias Theresa Emily Pitt (aka Sedgwick)

b 1865 Alverstoke, Hampshire
d after 1901

Harry James Sedgwick

b 1896 Queen Charlotte's Hospital, London
d after 1901

Mary Sophia Sedgwick

b 1869 Alverstoke, Hampshire (BMD)
m William Robert Lucas 1890 (BMD)
d after 1891

Edith Annie Sedgwick

b 1870 Alverstoke, Hampshire (BMD)
m probably James Worley 1893 (BMD)
d after 1893

Emily Louisa Sedgwick

b 1872 Alverstoke, Hampshire (BMD)
m Unknown 1903 (BMD)
d after 1903

Lucy Jane Sedgwick

b 1874 Alverstoke, Hampshire (BMD)
m probably Victor Augustus Smith 1896 (BMD)
d after 1896

John Frederick Sedgwick

b 1876 Alverstoke, Hampshire (BMD)
m Emma Spilling 1903 (BMD)
d after 1901

Joseph Walter Sedgwick

b 1878 Alverstoke, Hampshire (BMD)
m Alice Ada Howes 1896 (BMD)
d after 1901

Frederick Charles Sedgwick

b 1880 Alverstoke, Hampshire (BMD)
d after 1901

Henry Arthur Sedgwick

b 1882 Alverstoke, Hampshire (BMD)
d after 1901

Mabel Eva Sedgwick

b 1889 Alverstoke, Hampshire
d after 1901




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