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Edward Sedgwick (born circa 1550)

Edward Sedgwick [Edward Sedgwick]
b. circa 1550
m Elizabeth Taylor
d.probably 1693

The Visitations of Cambridge and Essex say that Edwards origins were in Dent. They also say that Elizabeth was the daughter of Walter Taylor.

Edward is very likely to be the individual named as Edward Sedgwicke of Lynne deceased in the 1693 will of James Sedgwick of Sedbergh.

Son Richard is probably the individual who graduated from Cambridge University in 1594/5 and was vicar of Wapping. Mr Sedgwick preacher of Wapping was mentioned in the will of William Shawe of Wapping in 1620. A Richard Sedgwick was a puritan preacher and lecturer of Monmouth - Monmouth has connections to the Haberdashers Company. Finally a Reynold Waterman names in his will uncle Rich Sedgwicke of Limehouse (dated 1629 to 1634).

Could William Sedgwick of Woburn be an additional son? Records found in the a2a site show some interesting property transactions which could lead to further more conclusive evidence.


James Sedgwick

b. circa 1580
m Elizabeth May
d.after 1642

Richard Sedgwick

b. circa 1580
m Mary Crompton
died after 1617




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