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William John Sedgwick (born circa 1842)

William John Sedgwick [Edward Sedgwick / Sarah Brown]
b. 1842 Stratford, Essex (BMD)
m Elizabeth Frances Paynter 1864 (BMD)
d after 1911

In 1871 William was a boiler riveter. His father Edward is living with the family in 1881. Daughter Emily was previously confused with an Emily Jane Sedgwick who died in 1882.

In 1911 William is living with his daughter Emily.


William Edward Sedgwick

b. 1865 Bromley, Middlesex (BMD)
m Annie Rawley 1896 (BMD)
d after 1891

Emily Sarah Sedgwick

b. 1866 Bromley, Middlesex (BMD)
m William Millington Pritchard 1887 (BMD)
d after 1911

Alice Ada Sedgwick

b. 1868 Bromley, Middlesex (BMD)
m Alfred James Brewer 1891 (BMD)
d after 1891

Edith Bertha Sedgwick

b. 1870 Bromley, Middlesex (BMD)
m Unknown 1893 (BMD)
d after 1881

Samuel Robert Sedgwick

b. 1873 Bromley, Middlesex (BMD)
d after 1891

Florence Rose Sedgwick

b. 1877 Bromley, Middlesex (BMD)
m Edward Robert Bunn 1904 (BMD)
d after 1891

George Harry Sedgwick

b. 1880 Bromley, Middlesex (BMD)
d after 1891

Mable Sophia Sedgwick

b. 1885 Bromley, Middlesex (BMD)
d after 1891

Source Notes:

1881 census - William J Sedgwick 39 Steam Boiler Maker, Elizabeth F Sedgwick 37, William E Sedgwick 16 Surveyors Office Boy, Alice A Sedgwick 12 Scholar, Edith B Sedgwick 11 Scholar, Samuel R Sedgwick 7 Scholar, Florence R Sedgwick 3, George H Sedgwick 1, Edward Sedgwick 79 Millwright (15 Washington St, Bromley - RG11 495 11 16)

1881 census - ............ Emily Sedgewick 15 (18 Preston Street, Bethnal Green - RG11 422 36 65)




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