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Robert Sedgwick (1846 - 1893)

Robert Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick / Margaret Furby]
b. 1846 Bishop Auckland, Durham
m Margaret Sangster 1869 (BMD)
d. 1893

Robert was a stone mason. In 1901 Ellen and Ada are living with their uncle John Bell. Thomas and John are living with their sister Margaret. Mary Jane is with her sister Elizabeth - on the census return as Mary Jane Emerson.


Elizabeth Ann Sedgwick

b. 1870 Bishop Auckland, Durham (BMD)
m. Job Whitfield Emerson 1890 (BMD)
d after 1901

Thomas Sedgwick

b. 1872 Bishop Auckland, Durham (BMD)
d. after 1901

John Sedgwick

b. 1874 Bishop Auckland, Durham (BMD)
d. after 1901

Margaret Isabella Sedgwick

b. 1876 Bishop Auckland, Durham (BMD)
m. Robert William Furby 1899 (BMD)
d after 1901

Rachel Sedgwick

b. 1878 Bishop Auckland, Durham (BMD)
d. 1890

Mary Jane Sedgwick

b. 1881 Bishop Auckland, Durham (BMD)
d. after 1901?

Ellen Sedgwick

b. 1883 Bishop Auckland, Durham (BMD)
d. after 1901

Ada Sedgwick

b. 1886 Bishop Auckland, Durham (BMD)
d. after 1901

Robert Henry Sedgwick

b. circa 1888 Bishop Auckland, Durham
d. 1893

Source Notes:

1881 census - Robert Sedgwick 34 Stone Mason, Margaret Sedgwick 28, Elizabeth A Sedgwick 10 Scholar, Thomas Sedgwick 8 Scholar, John Sedgwick 6 Scholar, Margaret Sedgwick 4 Scholar, Rachel Sedgwick 2, Mary J Sedgwick 1m (2 High Bridge St, Bishop Auckland - RG11 4913 65 29)




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