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Thomas Sedgwick (born 1864)

Thomas Joseph Sedgwick [Thomas Sedgwick / Susannah Haw]
b. 6 August 1864 London
m. Mary Eliza Naylor 1889 (BMD)
d 15 March 1934

In 1901 Thomas is working as a forgeman. In 1896 the birth of a Louisa Sedgewick was registered in Sheffield. Is this another daughter in this family?


Gertrude Sedgwick

b. August 1891 Sheffield, Yorkshire (BMD)
d September 1891

Annie Sophia Sedgwick

b. 5 September 1892 Sheffield, Yorkshire (BMD)
d. July 1896

Ivy Sedgwick

b. 11 December 1894 Sheffield, Yorkshire (BMD)
d August 1896

Violet Sedgwick

b. 8 January 1897 Sheffield, Yorkshire (BMD)
m William Leslie Thompson 1920
d 1958

Grace Sedgwick

b. 12 June 1898 Sheffield, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Arthur Holliday
d after 1911

Thomas William Sedgwick

b. 1 November 1900 Sheffield, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Ada Unknown
d after 1911

Alfred Sedgwick

b. 1905 Sheffield, Yorkshire (BMD)

Clarissa Sedgwick

b. 1 July 1908 Sheffield, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Albert Basher
d after 1911

Edwin Sedgwick

b. 15 September 1910 Sheffield, Yorkshire (BMD)
m Helena Jackson 1939
d after 1911

Descendants / Researchers:

James Gill <James.Gill@nationaltrust.org.uk>

James is descended from Thomas Sedgwick and Susannah Haw




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